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El Matador was the first Ogden restaurant I ever went to. I was in Junior High, and my older and cooler, High School stepsister took me along with a group of her friends, and I thought that this was the life. I thought that there couldn’t be a cooler place. Everyone got a strawberry or a banana strawberry virgin margarita, and again, I was beside myself in adoration. I asked my mom to take me there for my birthday shortly after. In a lot of my most memorable celebrations, my family has gone to El Matador, and it will forever have a special place in my heart. I love the hot (in temperature) salsa with cheese. I love the burritos, and tacos, chimichanga, and the ever fanous Veracruz platter, but what I will always save room for when I go is their strawberry virgin margarita.

El Matador Restaurant and Cantina
2564 Ogden Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401
Open 7 Days a Week

Average cost for two people: $25

Don’t forget the bring cash or check! They don’t have a credit card machine.


On Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, there is a brewery that has been quenching our thirst with house-brewed ales since 1994. Housed in an over 120 year old building, Rooster’s is one place almost every Ogdenite has been too, or at least heard of. When going, one might want to try any of their numerous brewed-on-site beers, however, I encourage you all to save room for the understated root-beer. Utahns love their root-beer and Rooster’s brews it just right. It has that earthy, rich flavor that standard shelf-bought root-beers try to dumb down. It is thick, and runs down the throat slowly. My favorite part is that the refills are free.

If you are looking for a good drink, spare the alcohol, Rooster’s root-beer satisfies. It is the unsung drink of the brewery.

Rooster's Root beer

Rooster’s Brewery & Company
253 Historic 25th Street
Ogden, Utah

“Exceptional Beer
& Excellent Food”

Average cost for a party of 2: $30-40

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